Wednesday, August 29, 2007

An inkling of progress

The first section of tiles has been laid, without grout yet. Tomorrow another section and the grouting of this piece. Next day, grout the newest section and lay another section yada yada yada. Supposed to be thru Saturday, but we'll see.

THE CURSE, or how I learned to give up hope

I just read this fine column at, and it reminded me of when I gave up hope and realized as the bumper sticker says, "I feel so much better since i gave up all hope."

It started as a quiet morning in the grocery store. It was a Lucky's grocery, a chain has been bought out several times, disappeared and is about to reappear!

I had only purchased a few items and as I approached the checkout, I observed that there were two clerks (one was the manager) and one customer. So, even though I know I have the THE CURSE, (wherein, no matter what line I get into it will be the longest) I foolishly thought to myself, "AH, I've got it made!"

As I put my items on the belt, I started picking up on the conversation between the one other customer and the exasperated clerk. She wanted to know why she couldn't get her can redemption money for her cans HERE because she had purchased them HERE! There was a redemption center in the parking lot which was not yet open, and signs for other nearby centers that WERE open. She wanted nothing to do with any of that, she wanted to talk to, wait for it, THE MANAGER (my checker) and proceded to argue with him for 10 minutes.

Thus I realized I was well and truly screwed. And the knowledge thereof I found to be freeing.

I now warn people behind me that I have THE CURSE, and that they get in line behind me at their peril. I have met a number of other souls like myself, and we smile and nod knowingly to each other while we hum "Amazing Grace" or "Ohm" or the Barney song to ourselves.

Serenity at last, great GOB a'mighty, serenity at last!

Friday, August 24, 2007

Que Pasa? Nada

But wait til next week.

The painter is plugging away, staining and eventually painting to his hearts content. I had hoped the electrician would be there today, but the painter was not to a point where the electrician could work?

This morning I got a "confirmation" call that work on the floor was to begin Tuesday. I explained that I had understood that it was to be Monday, but "Oh no, he doesn't work Mondays" (Did I detect a wee bit of attitude?) Also the tiles would be delivered this afternoon, so I ended up making the drive out anyway. Also got another call, "Gee you were right, they ARE starting on Monday"

Meanwhile I had called the contractor and electrician to say Monday was open, called back "Never mind!"

Did get the corbels installed on the island.

But next week, Watch out! We should have a floor! Which means I can bring in some of the stuff from the garage (TV and the like) Lots of stuff on order, faucets, sink, track and other lights, toilet. Granite slabs are in, and we're going to pick one or two tomorrow. (The granite guy did templates the other day and may be able to do the kitchen and the bathroom vanity with one slab (if it's large enough) plus a remnant.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Daily news

Anyone else NOT comforted by the ideas that you CAN fool all of the people some of the time and you CAN apparently fool some of the people all the time, and that this seems to be good enough to do a lot of damage in the world?

Monday, August 13, 2007

Moving forward

I have to look at comparison shots to remind myself that progress IS being made

Staining is sort of finished. I'm not happy with the top of the pass through cabinets, so I'm guessing they will be resanded and stained. The half column on the right is also much darker than anything else. I'm not sure much can be done about that.
The painter finally found something that matches the ceiling boards close enough for the new boards.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Firehouse cooking

Firefighters have a reputation for good cooking. They also have a reputation for cooking chili. I am a crappy cook, and a dish I DO make that vaguely resembles chili, I do not call by that name because it is so mild. I'm generally not a hot food aficionado, although I like small amounts of wasabi on sushi.

By way of background explanation, I have a small rental that has a small raised vegetable garden. A few years back the renters had vacated during fall. As I was cleaning up the property I noticed what appeared to be stunted bell peppers. (Hey it was fall after all) Hating to see food go to waste, I picked them with the thought that the next day I could make some of my Not Really Chili at the firehouse.

The next day as I chopped the onions and bell peppers, I noticed that the seeds in the peppers were very small and black rather than white.

As per usual, my nose started to itch. Not being a COMPLETE idiot, I knew to wash my hands before scratching my nose because I had been cutting an onion. Hands washed I rubbed the itching spot which immediately felt like it was ON FIRE! So I rubbed it with my (washed) wrist, now a larger area felt like it was burning. I got a wet towel and rubbed it which further inflamed things. Eventually my entire face was involved. My eyes were tearing, and I could barely see. Despite all this I continued fixing the dish while wondering what kind of onions those were anyway.

By the time the food was ready, I had regained my eyesight, and my face had improved so it only felt like a severe sunburn. I served the meal, and took a bite. OMG, it was the hottest chili I had ever tasted. I couldn't take another bite. The other two guys on my crew thought it was excellant however. Apparently those weren't bell peppers, Habaneros more likely.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

NOT such a good day

In an effort to stay out of the way of the guy who is doing all the work, I thought I would "help" by converting our new stove to propane. When we bought it I was told they didn't do the conversion, it just came set up for Natural gas, and the change was "Real Easy!" (40 steps)

The low lights of todays trevails, one slashed hand (stove now baptised with blood), 1 (of 7) orifice dropped under the nonremoveable glass cooktop. 1 hour on the phone spent trying to order the replacement. ($30) Access to one orifice just a bit smaller than socket. Eventually found a neighbor who had a tool that would suffice. There was even more...

On the plus side, I am now INTIMATELY familiar with our new stove and am probably qualified to be a repairperson.

Monday, August 06, 2007

A good day

Not only did we get the kitchen cabinets in, we were able to watch whales frollicking while we were doing it! Thoughtful neighbors came over and pointed out a mom and calf playing not more than 50 yards offshore. I saw LOTS of spouts and humps, 2 fin slaps and a head sticking straight up (spyholing?).
Only a picture of the cabinets though, had to keep working.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Cat in a dog fight


Saturday, August 04, 2007


I heard a cop remark once that a third of the time he was paid too much, a third just right, and a third not nearly enough.
I used to say that 90% of the time I was overpaid, 5% just right and 5% NOT ANYWHERE NEAR ENOUGH.
I got to the link below via Rising Blogger and thought it was worth posting (and I recommend Rising Blogger)

More floor pour

Looks a lot better. It will get a final thin coat just before the floor tiles go in. Today, as I type, a painter is staining the cabinets, and hopefully priming the walls.

Lily is back to her old life. Although she lost almost a pound, at first, she has gained that back plus a bit. It all seems to be muscle. She's a studette.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

You can float a boat, you can float a check...

I didn't know you could float a floor.



Finish tomorrow due to the depth of the "float". They can only do 1" max at a time. The far corner is 1 1/4" lower than the corner at the lower right of the pic, and most of the left wall is at least 1" deep. They used 12- 60 lb bags of "stuff" ( a technical term) to pour what you see. At least another 12 bags tomorrow.

Cabinets to be delivered tomorrow, and Lily meets with her probation officer, I mean doctor, to get cleared for active duty. We returned her cell, I mean dog crate, to the people we borrowed it from this evening.