Saturday, September 29, 2007

Faltering steps forward

Friday started off on a positive note. The Three Amigos comedy team (aka the electricians) showed up and were kicking it. Light fixture in the 2nd bedroom closet, phone jack hooked up and working on the cable lights. In order to stay out of their way, I took a road trip to return the undersized refridgerator panels to the cabinet maker. Enroute I get a call from Amigo #1, "Hey we're out of cable, we need another 40 feet."

Call cable light provider to see about more cable. We ordered 126' and recieved a spool marked 126'. Rep gets all defensive, "I don't see how this could have happened." yada yada yada. I just want to get some more cable. Oh, TWO WEEKS! Called local lighting company that has given us great service since we found them, and yes, two weeks, but there's a company about 30 miles down the road that probably carries it. I call, they do, I drive and pick up, @$2.60 a foot. I call back to the house for a last chance to remeasure, no answer. I buy an extra 2 feet.

I drive BACK to the house (60 miles) the electricians are gone for the day :(

I walk off the wire that has been hung and come up with 78'. I see no extra laying around. So I call the rep back and tell her we got shorted. She makes some calls and the cable company will credit back for 40'. (I paid for 126 and got about 80) Before we disconnect, she says she hopes we'll continue to shop there for our lighting needs. Yeh right, you bet.

Does anybody care about doing their job anymore?

Thursday, September 27, 2007


One step forward, two back

Started putting wood trim on the fridge, the pieces for the two bottom drawers are the wrong size (small of course)

Toilet installed, Lid is biscuit colored, tank is biscuit colored, the box the bowl came in says it's biscuit colored,... BUT IT'S NOT!!! It's freaking white! (but the color blind plumber installed it anyway) The place we ordered it from cheerfully said they would order the right one.

Wood paneled front piece for the dishwasher is not what we wanted, but we accepted it, so we'll probably have to pay for a new piece.

On the bright side, the shower enclosure is installed and has really cool doors. They're two pieces that slide around the inside to open.

Contractor is gone for two weeks, so I have lots of time to screw things up before his return.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

PROGRESS! (with pictures)

Still need more electrical work, plumbing, trim and paint, but it's getting closer.







Saturday, September 15, 2007

Another possibly addictive blog

Blogger has a site that show pictures that are being uploaded via blogger in real time according to their web site.

Friday, September 14, 2007

More floor dance + Countertops!

Independantly, contractor and I found differant tiles that resonated when tapped, as if not totally glued down. Contacted floor company who contacted tech rep, and yes indeed, it's possible that a tile might be over a slight dip and not make contact. I ended up going out today for reasons that will be discussed, and found many tiles, particularly along the edge that didn't make contact, and when I tried to assist the process, several chipped along the edge due to the floor having a "lip". So I will be seeing more of the floor guy, who has the same first name as me.

About noon, contractor called and said granite countertop people wanted to install this afternoon and were loading the truck as we spoke and that he, contractor, couldn't make it, and that is how I found myself rushing out to meet them. Three hours, three tops, lots of dust and a little damage to some sheet rock and cabinet finish.
Countertop installer's name...Yep, that's three of us!


Bathroom vanity

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Floor Dance vs Dance floor

A Floor Dance is what happens when you are waiting for the floor to be finished, and appointments are made, and cancelled, rescheduled, cancelled, rescheduled ad inifinitum. Here is what is left to do.

Just two half pieces on either side so the stove will slide in and out. The joints were sealed, the glue down, but it was a long day and the floor guy spaced.
He'll be there Monday 10am, 9:15 a call, child care issues, can't make it. Will be there tomorrow, "What time?" He'll call. No call until I'm there (with no cell phone coverage) first message, be there at 10, second, can't make it today. I call the shop at 10:15, "Oh, didn't he call you?"
So now we're on for 10am tomorrow. Meanwhile I have time to take pictures, and the weather is beautiful.

And a gratuitous picture of Lily

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Floor's IN!

The place feels a lot more done than it is. Still needs the electrical finished, plumbing finished painting finished and trim work done. Then we have to buy some furniture.