Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Notes to self

1. Lift foot 1 inch higher than next step. Particularly when barefoot.
2. When donating blood, and the blood sucker can't find your pulse because he's "had too much caffeine" and you got similar results the last TWO times he's drawn blood from you. ASK FOR SOMEONE ELSE!
3. When using a small screwdriver on a smaller stuck screwhead, put it on something solid! (And I don't even remember what happened with the fingernail)

Saturday, August 14, 2010

"New" baggage car in new home

A nice article in the local paper meant a fair number of observers and visitors when 605 reached her new home.

Here, she's leavin' town, heading for the freeway and probably the fastest she's ever traveled. (55mph)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Not sure what was the scariest

1) The threat of hypothermia, (we never saw the sun, and it was drizzling a lot, then the wind came up.)
2) Being left alone to video everything for the last 4 (of 6) hours with someone else's equipment. (and still have to take still pics)
3) Watching the car lurch up down sideways and the boss's wife commenting "At least adrenaline keeps you warm"
4) Getting a phone call in the middle of all this mayhem "Honey, the computer's acting up" which turned out to be a dying (now dead) keyboard. It's good to have friends who have extra Mac keyboards to loan!

Saturday, August 07, 2010

A railcar turned, another dumpster filled

And yet there is more "stuff". So that means another dumpster to be filled. We have tried to recycle/reuse as much as possible. It's turned 90 degrees from it's previous placement and is now headed downhill.

The plan is to load it onto a truck this next week and transport it to it's new home next Saturday.

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

righteous indignation/crisis addiction recovery

Today I overheard a conversation where one person was telling another that they were very tired and that everyone she knew was tired.

I got to thinking about why this might be. I have no reason to believe that the following applies to these people.

I think many people are addicted to righteous indignation and reaction to whatever crisis' are in the news at the moment, real or fomented by groups that might benefit in the short term. I'm guessing it's what some need when their tolerance for caffeine has risen so that they no longer get the buzz they crave.

For some, like Andy Kaufmann, they'd rather believe that man never went to the moon, Obama's not a real citizen, he's a Muslim etc because it's more exciting than the boring truth.

The same government that is incapable of doing anything, IS capable of elaborate conspiracies.

Have you ever wondered what a stampeding animal is thinking, or IF they're thinking? I wonder about the people who are so enraged about immigration. I think they're being stampeded. Yes, there is illegal immigration. There always has been. Is it worse now? Really?What is the evidence besides short video clips that make it seem that human waste and body parts now mark the border with Mexico. Yes, there are some very bad people. Are we all so threatened that we have to give up constitutional rights?

I haven't seen a video of people lining up for the jobs that are being taken by illegal immigrants.

Health care, remember death panels? What about all the lies we have been told, why do we still believe them? Why do we pass on the emails that promote them?

Anyway, it seems like we're in a (no doubt temporary) lull in things to get excited about. The oil leak is not so spectacular, looks like we're getting out of Iraq soon. I think the crazies have run out of imagination for new unbelievable outrages.

Hate takes a lot of energy. So does righteous indignation.

Give it a rest.

Let's all just take a deep breath, and then another.

Don't believe everything you think.


(Now I'm tired)