Sunday, February 27, 2011

No snow, but a new (working) stove

Snow was forecast, and I would have loved to have gotten some caboose in the snow shots, but instead it was just damn cold.

Couplers finally finished with the mounting of the knuckles. The linkage is all hand forged iron, real craftsmanship.
Bench seats in progress
Real door latches! I'll kind of miss the "Super secret" piece of wood that held the doors closed until now. The latches portend the imminent installation of glass in the doors.
And then I just got a call from my renter that his furnace has died, on a Sunday, in a cold snap of course...

I'm off!

Update, I found a repairman  (step #1 harder than you would have thought) AND they will bill me so I don't have to drive up to meet him for payment, small yea.