Sunday, September 27, 2009

Progress on the P&SR RR

This is the part of the caboose that sits on the trucks. One was missing, but a replacement was located in a scrap pile far away somewhere. There are two and they are now mounted with aircraft grade nuts and bolts. They are VERY heavy.

An interesting bit of information I learned, is that the pin which goes between the two pieces, is dropped into the hole(s) from above.

What this means is we are noticeably closer to the day when we will have the caboose lifted onto the trucks. In fact this last Saturday, "Crane dude" stopped by to work up an estimate.

Another sign of progress is the delivery, and setup of some longer pieces of track to put the trucks on, and then the caboose. An old wooden baggage car will go in the spot where the caboose now sits. That should arrive in the near term also.

So how do you know how far apart to put the rails? With a track gauge of course!