Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Further rooftop adventures, wherein our hero once again defies natural selection

So today it was back out to the coast, with contractor and roofer to fix and assign blame for the leaky roof.
Here's the apparent culprit.
This is a disconnected vent we should have taken out, but what's the problem as long as it doesn't leak, right?

So while we're watching, I mean supervising, the repairs we notice the strap that attaches the power line to the weatherhead. This is not good with another storm with high winds approaching.

So the local utility (PG&E) is contacted and they will be out "Sometime today". I disconnect any expensive electronics I can think of that might be ruined by a catastrophic failure, and then wait....and wait. They didn't say by 5 or by midnight. So I rig up a tensioning ratchet rope to prevent total failure, and then reconnect everything I had disconnected. I turn on the computer and the tech shows up. So now it's about 2 pm. It's starting to get dark again. The tech doesn't have the part, and besides I've rigged up a nice system! They'll get to it next week.

I pack up and leave trying to think of anything I've forgotten and also thinking about whether I trust the setup I left. Two miles down the road I realize I've left my good shoes back at the house and I don't feel good about what I left.

I turn around, it starts to rain. Halfway back there are two lightening strikes in the ocean. Should I get up on the roof? I'm really not happy with the set up. It's raining harder. I get home, grab the ladder, get up on the roof and fix the set up and get down ASAP.

As I get into the car it starts raining like only a thunderstorm can rain.

Monday, January 18, 2010

What a nice rain, let's drive out to the coast...

When we got out there, the rain had stopped, but this turned out to be a very good thing. Gee what's this little puddle in the middle of the floor? SSSSHHHHIIIIIIITTTT!!!

An hour later after borrowing all the tarps and plastic we could find, working in gale force winds, with lumber scraps, & all the buckets at our disposal filled with rock, bricks, & stepping stones, it's sort of tarped. So it's back out tomorrow with a contractor and some sort of plan. (5 gallons of wet/dry mastic?)

It's a small leak, but right through some of the fine woodwork. The dehumidifier is running.

This does NOT appear to be in an area the roofer worked on.

Monday, January 04, 2010

Real life mystery for those of the horsey set

You can cut and paste the following or click HERE!