Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A weekend in So Cal

Drove down to Palm Springs to visit our former neighbor and return some unsold but potentially high value items. She's doing fairly well. She's staying with a friend in a condo on a golf course. We got a short tour of the area. It was relaxing, but our butt muscles were already bruised from the 8+ hr drive down, and we ended up sitting a lot anyway. While there we visited an aunt of my lovely bride. We haven't seen them in 20+ years, but had a nice visit.

Saturday we drove up to San Luis Obispo and checked into a nice B&B and visited an Uncle. I'm pretty sure we met many years ago, but he did not recall meeting me before. We had a nice visit and lunch at the Madonna Inn, then a drive to Avila Beach. We got there late in the day, but there must have been a school of fish in the bay because the Pelicans were constantly diving for fish. It was spectacular and made the whole trip worth it.