Sunday, April 26, 2009


The sand at the beach in Barcelona was trucked in for the ´92 Olympics. It stuck around and is very nice. The Sphinx sent a younger cousin here on vacation.

Found a decent Tapas bar, but it was Basque style where they put most of the items on bread. I´m not so sensitive to gluten that I can´t just take it off. We had REALLY good Tapas today in Tarragona. They had a a wider variety, and the bread was separate.
The world´s most romantic Fig tree. High on a rampart of an ancient Roman fortress in Tarragona. It just needed a little more privacy.

We had a minor scare when our credit card started getting refused. I had accidentally put it in an ATM and when the PIN didn´t work I kept trying, which caused the card to get suspended. A call to Capital One straightened it out. Minor panic

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Uno problemo

Our picture taking pattern has always been to take enough pictures the first several days that you could flip them and make a movie. We´ve finally slowed down, but not before filling one 1G memory card and almost another. So this evening it was off to a computer store to buy two 2G cards. That ought to hold the little bastards!

This had me singing ¨We all live in a wooden submarine, a wooden submarine, a wooden submarine...¨

We found a health food store where we bought some gluten free stuff, cookies, oat meal etc so we should be good to go on that score.
We bought tickets for a guitar concert here Saturday night.

We visited a park that was made from a failed housing development designed by...wait for it... Gaudi. I only have one picture because this is where my memory card filled up and we switched to Kathy´s. I don´t have that camera because she is taking a cooking class this evening. This was the only house built, by and for Gaudi. Most of the other parts look like they are from Snow White and the 7 height challenged individuals.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Yesterday Monserrat, today Gaudi cathedral

An hours train ride north to Monserrat, a tram to the cathedral, a funicular up another 1000´ or so, then a hike another 100´ or so. The small chapel is a short hike from the funicular.

Wow, just Wow. My head hurts just trying to imagine having all this in your brain. Maybe that´s why Gaudi was hit by a bus.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Day Two

Saturday, traipsed around Montjuic, visited an art museum, the Olympic stadium (1992) and the Barecelona castle (great views)

Also this weekend they´re observing Earth Day. Spaniards are a bit different. Lots of smokers, lots of dogs. Booths included lots of sausages and meat products. Had some Arepas con pollo for dinner two nights running.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Our Apt

Our apt is an IKEA dream/nightmare

Weather has been VERY changeable. Bright sun to thunderstorms in a short time. It seems to rain anytime we go for a walk. Yesterday they had fairly large hail that actually stung. IT WAS SHAPED LIKE LITTLE RODS, 1/8TH INCH BY 1/4 INCH. Went for a walk on the Rambla this evening, thunderstorm of course, but it looked so nice when we left, I had no hat or jacket...

Had a tour of a large market and a tapas lunch there. Very nice.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

I´m back!

This is A:) Invading Alien Spaceship B): Giant, well you know... C): Municiple Water Co admin offices.

Also part of our view.

Our view

Our Apt bldg

And for Mike who´s into cartoons

And finally, for MsCatcalls, we flew over Newcastle Upon Tyne at 8am Wednesday morning, we waved, but you probably weren´t looking up at that particular moment

Look Ma, I´m blogging from Spain!

OUR VIEW Well, actually, I´m running out of time here at the ol internet access, and I can´t get another picture to load, so more later.
Adios muchachos

Thursday, April 09, 2009

A New superhero?

Who do you think you are, the Caped Crusader Cowcat from Texas?

Once again I have to resort to pictures of our cats.

(Disclaimer- I did NOT, nor would I EVER put a cats head thru a plastic bag like that. She did it  herself, and it was removed right after the picture)