Sunday, April 26, 2009


The sand at the beach in Barcelona was trucked in for the ´92 Olympics. It stuck around and is very nice. The Sphinx sent a younger cousin here on vacation.

Found a decent Tapas bar, but it was Basque style where they put most of the items on bread. I´m not so sensitive to gluten that I can´t just take it off. We had REALLY good Tapas today in Tarragona. They had a a wider variety, and the bread was separate.
The world´s most romantic Fig tree. High on a rampart of an ancient Roman fortress in Tarragona. It just needed a little more privacy.

We had a minor scare when our credit card started getting refused. I had accidentally put it in an ATM and when the PIN didn´t work I kept trying, which caused the card to get suspended. A call to Capital One straightened it out. Minor panic

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