Thursday, April 16, 2009

I´m back!

This is A:) Invading Alien Spaceship B): Giant, well you know... C): Municiple Water Co admin offices.

Also part of our view.

Our view

Our Apt bldg

And for Mike who´s into cartoons

And finally, for MsCatcalls, we flew over Newcastle Upon Tyne at 8am Wednesday morning, we waved, but you probably weren´t looking up at that particular moment


  1. Thanks Steve, I recognize most of the characters. Have a great time, you two!!

  2. Ive just caught up with the blog hope youre having / have had a great time ... I thought it was May you were going to stopped by to wish you a great trip ! Too late by the looks of things !
    Love all the pics though .. so many memories .... but hailstones ... wow ...