Monday, June 25, 2012

Who's that knocking on my....skylight?

So last night, left alone with the cats, the buzzer on the dryer indicates it is done. Shortly after that I hear a frantic scratching. I dash to the dryer and fortunately find nothing out of place, and the scratching has stopped. I looked around the house, nothing. Then I hear it again. Eventually I find this.

We're in the middle of updating our bathroom. Step 1 is removing the wallpaper. Step 2, after looking for interesting patterns in the glue, is it's removal.

Step 2.5, it turns out, is repairing the damage from removing the wallpaper.


  1. My parents' skylight was a popular drinking fountain and foot-bathing pool for seagulls. We'd hear tap, tap, tap and look up at yellow webbed feet. It drove my Dad bonkers.

  2. The glue patterns remind me of prehistoric cave paintings :)

  3. Love the glue patterns. :-) peggyln is right...


    p.s. I'm doing better, thank you for asking. Still feeling ridiculously alone some days, but a stern talking-to and I soon realize that FEELING alone and BEING alone are two different things...

    At the end of the day though it’s not really a terrible album but it also isn’t a good one