Saturday, August 19, 2006

Pranking on the fly

At the beginning of an afternoon with lots of small jobs that needed to be done around the firehouse, rookie FF Dickie was assigned to replace the shutoff valve under the kitchen sink since it was leaking. A new valve had been purchased for this. The job entailed turning off the water to the station, replacing the valve, and turning the water back on.

The line from the valve to the faucet was a compression type where you tighten a nut which compresses a fitting (rubber in this case) against the pipe. As a background, it should be mentioned that we had higher than normal water pressure in the firehouse.

Having replaced the valve, Dickie went outside to turn the water back on. When he returned inside, the water line had separated from the valve and water was shooting everywhere. He ran outside and shut off the water. He came back in, mopped up ALL the water, hooked up the line again, turned the water back on, came back and the line had separated again.

Back outside, water off, mop up water, hook up line again. He had to do this all by himself because everyone else was busy with other things. When he explained to Capt Geoff what had happened, Geoff asked him for the old valve so he could use it on the next rookie.

So although everything that happened was legitimate, Dickie THINKS its a prank!


  1. Part of the danger of pranking a lot is losing credibility. My Sweets is a masterful liar, so after being taken in a few too many times, I second-guess anything that might not be totally legit.

    I don't blame Dickie at all. You guys probably got him more than once - maybe even fooled him into thinking you were innocent.... He's just evening things out. ;)

  2. I have been in the deficeit spending mode for many years regarding credibility. As one result, my wife could win an olympic event if there was one for eye rolling.

    I am a great believer in rule 52, "Don't take yourself too seriously"