Sunday, October 01, 2006

Relative values

Cost of old cardboard pet carrier sitting in garage- $0

Cost of feeding abandoned cat who sits outside my front door every morning hissing at me until he's fed. $5 a month

Cost of bandaids after trying to return him to his "Owner" $2

ER Visit, Tetanus shot, Antibiotics copay $55
Pain & Suffering Worthless!
Especially when he came back two days later!


  1. So it is safe to say it is not a good idea to turn you back on this one?

  2. Apparently, not biting the hand that's been feeding you does not cover when that same hand is shoving you violently, I mean gently into a box. Since he's back we're buds again. He lets me pet him with my now infected hands. He's probably laughing at me, "Kicked YOUR ASS MF!"

  3. So it's tough love.

  4. You're a good person, Silliyak.

    I used to feed an abandoned cat, and I miss her now that she seems to have passed away. I never got to the point where I could pet her (I found out the story from neighbors that a catowner had moved away years before and left about 7 cats, homeless, behind, and this was the last of that group of abandoned pets).

  5. Good news! It's only been 3 weeks and I was able to get my wedding ring on for the first time last night! More importantly, the cat seems healthy and happy.