Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Don't let the door hit you in the rear

Adios Olympic bid, so long "A"'s, Via Con Huevos Niners.

Not that I'm bitter, but I have thought for a long time that when a team leaves a city, they should leave the team name and records behind. John York is the Prince Phillip of the sports world.

A thought for Fremont and Santa Clara officials. What's going to happen when the owners decide that their stadium (10 to 20 years from now) is no longer adequate?

La Crosse anyone?

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  1. I agree. Even though I am a Bronco fan, I grew up watching a ton of Ram games, so I had a soft spot for them, but when Georgia the Goat ran the team into the ground and picked up the stakes and moved to St. Louis, they stopped being the Rams. I just hope the 49ers don't do what the did in the 70's and essentailly destory nearly all of their history. But I wonder if across the bay the city is hoping that Raiders leave? I am going to blame Al Davis for all of this.