Tuesday, December 12, 2006

What if I didn't say something?

It's getting so I'm feeling like an old know it all, giving advice where none was sought. (Refering to comments in other's blogs) I'm afraid I haven't found the "OFF" button in my brain after 30 years of analyzing the possibilities and probabilities for given input. But I'm haunted by the possibility of something really bad happening if I stay silent. Every year around this time it seems like there is a family wiped out by Carbon Monoxide poisoning. "If only" are words that haunt emergency responders. I guess it'll take awhile longer to get those old responses out of my system. Maybe I should get a part time job.


  1. Well sir, I do not feel that way, please continue to comment on the Blog of Fun. Sadly I have what is a now funny story of almost Carbon Monoxide Poisoning. Well funny in that me and my friends were really dumb. But in our defense we were in Yosimite during a Winter Strom and the tent collasped, so we had to sleep in the truck.

    But Mr. Silly I say to you, "comment against the dying of the light!"

  2. Prof Irwin Corey, nice pull.

  3. I was not offended at all when you posted about CO poisoning on my blog. I hadn't thought of it, and I followed through and got new batteries in the CO detector. On further thought I realized the air must be fairly good, as my parrot hasn't dropped dead yet (the parrot is the canary of this coalmine).