Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Journey To Colder Climes....and back!

The good news,

I had Fish and Chips, gluten free, at a wonderful small place, for the first time in 10 years. There were 2 gluten free beers available, but I don't drink.
Strolled through History and art museums and galleries ad nauseum.
Visited with old friends and relatives.
We bought a new table for our living room at a wonderful place called Renovation Hardware.
On our way back, spent a nice evening at a B&B called Iris, in Ashland OR (see photos)
Was introduced to Bubble Teas.
ALMOST got stuck in snow trying to get to a viewpoint.

The bad news,
While playing fetch with my step sisters dog, Jazzy, he injured himself to the extent that he will probably have to be put down. (Torn miniscus both rear legs) I feel TERRIBLE! We didn't play that hard, honest!
Got ANOTHER cold!


  1. Gluten free fish and chips! I would be willing to do alot for such a thing!

  2. I went to Ashland, OR, and I remember the vegetarian food being easy to come by and tasty. It's a charming little city, where it seems they raise flowers and cook with uncommon consideration of the dietary needs of their visiotrs.

  3. p.s. very sorry about the dog; I can't imagine how bad that made you feel. I'm sure it's not your fault.

  4. Sorry to hear about Jazzy. At least it happened while he was having fun.

    Also - did you see Eric's picture today on PDP? The theme is "What annoys you about your city." No offense, but I thought of you. I know you have Chinese facilities shots, but I'm sure you have no actual poop pictures....

  5. silliyak8:42 AM

    Kind of ironic, I worked for a couple of Fire Chief's that when they saw me probably thought "Shit!"
    And yes, I saw PDP this am.