Monday, January 22, 2007

Question for the ages

Is that Lonely Repairman lonely because he's TOO DAMNED EXPENSIVE? Just a thought that occured to me when our 20 year old dryer died one day before a week long visit to the Land o' Ports.
Actually, it didn't die a totally natural death. It started with what I interpreted as a death rattle. (Frayed belt OR bad bearing on an idler arm) These being things I used to be able to do, I attempted entry during halftime of a playoff game. Now it's dead. So the question becomes, repair or replace? The local appliance store is closed on Mondays. Our dolly is at my mom's house which is scheduled to be fumigated today. But I just CAN'T dump money into a 20 year old dryer. So it's out the door at 6:30 am, get dolly, then to Home Depot by 7:30. They carry two models of THE BRAND, but only one (maybe) instock. So off to Lowe's, they don't seem to carry electric dryers. And everything takes 7 days. What's up with THAT? Drive in commute traffic to SEARS? Why not? Get there at 8:56, wait, 9 am not open, no signs as to when they DO open, anywhere.
Back to Home Depot, they do indeed have my second choice in stock. Buy,load drive home, uninstall old dryer. Spend 30 minutes trying to get old cord off due to nuts being inaccessable. How did I get them on? New dryer uses screws, but only gives me two of needed three. Dig through jar of old screws. (Watch your filthy mind!) Go to attach vent, can't find clear instructions in manual, call Home Depot, third person I talk to says "I dunno" and gives me THE BRANDS hotline number. Wait on hold FOREVER, finally get a person who disconnects me. Go to THE find downloadable installation instructions which are not any clearer. Attempt half ass hookup, which fails.
FINALLY use a flashlight to peer into the innards and able to figure out how vent hooks up.
6 hours 20 minutes. I guess this is what it means to be a guy. Sometimes I'm a smart feller other times a fart smeller.
Now it's $30 to have the waste hauler haul it, or $10-20 to take it to the dump myself, well, I have a week to think about it.

Another subject, I think I'm OUT of poop stories. As to why I seemed to have so many, I think it's because of my agedness. So if you don't have any or many poop stories, they lie in your future, lucky you. I hope to not accumulate anymore.

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  1. We had a potential problem last night. There was a backup in the main sewer line, but it just made the air in our neighborhood stinky. We did not have to fish turds out of our basement like our unfortunate neighbors the last time.

    I do not look forward to accumulating any poop stories. You can have them for me. Really. Take them. You're much funnier when you talk about them anyway. Your welcome. :D