Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Poop story standby alert

After a second two hour wade through building permit bureaucracy, following immediately on the heals of our tax preparation appointment, it was determined that we need to have the septic system inspected (Verified) which of course opens fate to a wide range of possibilites. Fortunately, I KNOW that it is a concrete tank (no falling though rotten tanks tops here!) But more plans need to be drawn, permits applied for, and appointments made. And, considering the tank hasn't been pumped in maybe 25 years, a pump out. (This also means I will call in professionals, and not be tempted to do it myself.)

In hindsight, to make this a truly wonderful day I should have had a dentist appt, but that's not until the 30th.


  1. This has nothing whatsoever to do with your post, but may I ask how you came up with Iris Uber Alles as a name? (and what the heck it means?) :)

  2. You'd have to read Drunken Housewife and the many quotes form her kids to appreciate Iris' personality. "Uber Alles" is German for "Above (or over) All" as in Deuschland Uber Alles.