Saturday, April 21, 2007

State of the cat house

The girls are getting along pretty well, but Michaela always lets Lily know who's top cat.

P.S. Michaela has been De Crowned! (Does this mean she is no longer a princess or Queen?) She saw the vet for her checkup who said her bottom canines were "re absorbing" and were probably painful. So she was "decrowned". She had a bad week recovering from the surgery which meant 1ml of oral antibiotics twice a day. She kind of liked the pain killer, and got soft food (TJ Tuna) for a week. She's back to normal now and seems a bit happier, if clingy.
We knew she felt bad because Lily wasn't attacking her, wanting to play, and we knew when she was better when Lily went back on the offensive.


  1. my house, just about every morning, I am Lily in the second picture.

  2. Thanks for breaking the silence!

  3. And watch out for those large feet!