Thursday, May 17, 2007

remodel update

The contractor said yesterday that we need for some breaks to go OUR way someday. Today was NOT that day.

This is what we found yesterday.

Note the pretty sheetrock on the ceiling. note the mold just below. That wouldn't indicate anything would (wood) it?
This is what we found today.

This likely means the removal of a 5' X 8' chunk of roof.

No, there REALLY isn't a foundation under that bearing wall, or at least this 6 feet of it.

So now the engineer and architect get an all expenses paid road trip to view our dilemma, and draw up a solution. This likely will mean another permit (with accompanying fees).

And that wasn't the WORST news of the day. We got an estimate for the cabinets, island and associated wordworking. I'm too embarrassed to say how much it is, but my contractor was shocked. We'll be shopping around I think.

We made some other progress though. We got a beam in.

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