Thursday, June 28, 2007

Theory- All Roofers have brain damage

#1. Previous post see May's "WTF Roofers Chapters 1 & 2 "

#2 Still no new skylight which was supposedly ordered at that time, I called last week "It's on order" Yeh right.

#3 Roofers (different Co.) to replace/repair removed parts of remodel roof supposed to do it last Friday, couldn't make it, be there monday, couldn't make it, maybe Wed/Thurs, no show....

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  1. A friend of ours who is a contractor once confided in us that most roofers are felons and ex-cons. Seriously, it takes a certain person with a flair for defying death to do roofing. We actually rely upon illegal (we think; we didn't ask them for papers; indeed, we didn't ask anything since we didn't speak Chinese and they didn't speak English) aliens to do our roof work.

    On the other hand, my ex-boyfriend from college (who is sort of "the one who got away" for me, scarily enough) reportedly became a roofer in middle age. As a mutual friend reported, "It wasn't working out being an artist, so he asked himself, 'What can I do?' Since he's not afraid of heights, he thought, 'I can be a roofer.'"