Thursday, July 19, 2007

Busted by Karma Kop

So I had a restless night last night. The phone message from the contractor, "Looks like we might have a leak in the roof" played to my subliminal fears that the patch job on the remodel was not adequate.

Got to the house early, couldn't find signs of a leak. Contractor arrives. Message should have been, "I see a water stain on the top plate of the wall, near where the leaky skylight was, it's dry, but I don't remember seeing it before."

So I ran LOTS of water across the roof, no leak. I realized it was Karma when I went into a room to check for signs of water, and I wanted to yell out "Were these puddles here before?" even though it was dry, and I realized I might not have appreciated that bit of humor at that moment if someone did it to me.

Contractor spent today "wrapping" the beams with clear fir plywood. I got to sand them. (I'm HELPING!")


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