Friday, September 14, 2007

More floor dance + Countertops!

Independantly, contractor and I found differant tiles that resonated when tapped, as if not totally glued down. Contacted floor company who contacted tech rep, and yes indeed, it's possible that a tile might be over a slight dip and not make contact. I ended up going out today for reasons that will be discussed, and found many tiles, particularly along the edge that didn't make contact, and when I tried to assist the process, several chipped along the edge due to the floor having a "lip". So I will be seeing more of the floor guy, who has the same first name as me.

About noon, contractor called and said granite countertop people wanted to install this afternoon and were loading the truck as we spoke and that he, contractor, couldn't make it, and that is how I found myself rushing out to meet them. Three hours, three tops, lots of dust and a little damage to some sheet rock and cabinet finish.
Countertop installer's name...Yep, that's three of us!


Bathroom vanity


  1. The counter tops look fantastic. It's really come a long way. What was your starting date for the project?

  2. Got the permits in mid May, there may have been some "selective demolition" previous to that. This week looks like things are going to be popping although the plumber is still MIA.