Saturday, October 13, 2007

whaz hapnin

Not much. The plumber once again promised to finish today, probably this am. When I called at 8:30 he was busy with housework, but renewed the promise. Meanwhile, I pulled the incorrect toilet bowl yesterday and returned it for credit.

The last cabinet face is in and hopefully the painter is working on them as I type.

I ran into a neighbor at a grocery store (where I have never seen him before) and when I mentioned the possibility of final inspection on Monday, he turned white and begged me not to, he's pouring concrete just down the street on Monday. What's another day?

Some cultures think the sighting of wild animals indicates your present or future path. This is what I have been seeing recently.

Then there is the furniture. Well, the footprint of some of it anyway. We looked at Italian "made" (actually China) because they come in smaller sizes, but there is a 4 month wait. Also the cushions are all attached. Macy's had nice sectionals, made in the USA, 6-8 week wait, detached cushions, but much larger. Now we're looking at custom made, and the prices are all comparable.

The cardboard in the corner is a chair and the rectangle sticking off the far edge of the sectional is a sofa table.


  1. Well, y'all are getting there. Everything is looking just great. Have a question as to the critters, though: are they turkeys or ducks? I'll be getting on the "other line" with K shortly; no excuse for not doing so before. Love to both. A

  2. Turkeys, one of them might be the Phantom plumber.