Monday, February 25, 2008

More Storm Pics

Most of what you see is sea foam. lots and lots. This is about 3 hours before high tide. Here's the satellite shot which looks like it's at high tide.
Although the water is about 30' below the edge, it looks like the waves are going to break over the road.


  1. Yikes, that's scarey looking. Happy B-day to you this week. February sure is a good month.

  2. Scary but beautiful!! Where is this? i always said i wanted to live at the coast for a year, but then i wasn't really aware that waves did this sort of thing on a regular basis-- ;-)

    We're in the SF East Bay, so we love to run over to Half Moon Bay. i love the sound/smell/sight of the ocean.


  3. North of Bodega Bay. This was the last storm, which turned out to be more wind than rain. Half Moon Bay, not actually too familiar. And thanks for the b'day wish, I'm kind of ignoring it (the b'day, not the wish) this year, hoping it will go away.

  4. But we simply get wiser and more distinguished looking as we age, right? ;-)

    There's not a lot to Half Moon Bay, but there are a couple of nice little bakeries and plant nurseries we like--plus we can just sit and listen to the ocean and read (real active people, we are.)