Monday, March 31, 2008

The Amazing Adventures of The Leg, Pt 2

Word spread quietly within the confines of the station of the amazing performance of the departments newest member, recognizing that it's future performance depended on secrecy.

A short time later, one of the station's crews was helping teach new recruits at the fire academy. The class was gathered on one side of the 4 story training tower. Firefighter Jim Pelouse excused himself, explaining he had something to do on the 2nd story. He donned an old set of turnout pants that had been altered to accomodate The Leg. Again a piercing scream of pain, and all the recruits run to the scene. One recruit firefighter was so horrified at the sight, he covered Jim's eyes, screaming "Don't Look!!" The Leg had performed once again, but now the word was out, and it was once again relegated to a warm dry corner.

Having tasted the sweetness of attention and admiration, it couldn't go back to it's safe spot, with just the occasional chuckle and being pointed at. It no longer felt like an important member. It grew impatient and longed to see more of the world. It felt like there was no communication with his former buddies. He felt used.

Finally one day a crew from the Heavy Rescue station stopped by to pick up some paperwork. They had heard the tales, and Capt Don Blagueur was anxious to meet this Leg.

From the time he entered the room, there was an electric connection between the two. Although in hindsight it might have been static electricity from the carpet, they felt a connection. Don understood it's loneliness, stuck in the fire station 24/7 just because it wasn't drawing a salary which would allow it to get a place to live, a cool ride, and chance to travel and see the world.

Blagueur hatched a plot. A diversion was created, and as they left, The Leg was swept away to the Heavy Rescue Station.

They had an engine, the heavy rescue unit and A BOAT! The Leg dreamed of hydroplaning over the waves, lashed to the bow, saltspray dripping off its foot thrust into the air. He would get his sea leg and be able to tell stories to whoever would listen.

But first there was much to learn from Blagueur.


  1. I'd love to hear The Leg stories in person. I have a feeling you break it out at family gatherings and other social functions.

    How are you doing bud?

  2. Ooops. I don't mean you break out "The Leg" -- just stories about the leg. Bit of a difference there.

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  4. The last post was removed for bad grammer and spelling (mine) How embarrassing. Corrected (hopefully) version.

    First off, thanks for commenting. I was getting discouraged that no one cared.
    I had actually forgotten about The Leg until something jarred my memory banks.
    I wasn't involved in any of these hijinx, so I can only relate what I heard and remember.
    I have requested, and am awaiting pictures of The Leg on vacaction in exotic spots (surfing in Hawaii if I remember correctly) So the
    3rd and final post of the series will have to wait until they are received.

    7:09 PM