Thursday, March 13, 2008

An "AW" moment

I had some business on the coast this morning. Late morning, when I was done, I realized it was a low tide. So I went to Miwok beach. Why? Because that's where I like to go for Me Walk!

You think I'm kidding about the name?

Seriously though, I usually take a plastic bag with me and pick up garbage while I'm there.
So I'm walking around the tide pools, picking up crap and enjoying the rest of the scenery. When I get as far up the coast as I feel like going, I get back to the beach for the return and to pick up trash enroute. I had not seen anybody else, but I had not really looked back towards the beach. When I got to one spot that had a nice wide sandy area, someone had taken a stick, and written "THANKS!" in the sand. It took me a second to realize that it was probably for me. Awwww

BTW, almost everytime I do this I find a golf ball (have we forgotten the lesson of Kramer?) and an "applicator"

Gentlemen, when you go to the beach hold onto your balls!

and Ladies.....use biodegradable "thingys"


  1. Pretty funny!!! i bet you leave those around you doing a smiling grooooaan for the things you say! (well, you did ME!) Funny guy!

    Did you retire to the coast, or do you just like to go there? i would never get anything done if i lived by the ocean--or, really, i would just get LESS than the nothing i get done now--

  2. Yes it's true. I usually go for the groan, I'm punny that way. I inherited my mom's house on the coast when she died about 2 years ago, but we live inland most of the time.

  3. Brilliant idea ... picking up the rubbish .... might start this myself ... people here tend to do rude drawings on the beach rather than leave messages , but that could change ....

  4. How cool of you to do your small part to care for our planet and then have someone recognize it:)

  5. Hey you! Thanks for stopping by to see my various states of hitch-hiker couture. This was a great post. I gotta add you to my blogroll later. You might more visitor, that being my cat. Gotta keep working on blog awareness.

    Promise, I'm not throwing those pesky applicators, especially at the beach! (So gross.)