Saturday, April 05, 2008

Lucky Me

Through the "courtesy" of an unknown person last night, I have been given an opportunity to practice my letting go skills and breathing/stress relief techniques. (And I have yoga tomorrow morning)

Somebody kicked in the driver's door of my car last night.

I've spent the morning meeting new and interesting people like our police Community Services Officer (CSO) who took pictures and made a report, estimators at two body repair places ($1750), talked to an insurance rep and waiting for a call from another. After going for a walk to use up some of the endorphines, I talked to some neighbors to see if they had heard/seen anything. (In my absence, apparently the gendarmes had made the rounds)


  1. HEY! HEY! i yell, waving my hand in the air, I KNOW THOSE TECHNIQUES TOO! However i don't seem to be able to pull them up at will.

    Hope you could.

  2. Practice,practice,practice.

    unclench teeth, breathe, practice practice practice

    Go for walk, loosen shoulders, unclench teeth, breathe, Practice,practice,practice

    Take Aleve,Go for walk, loosen shoulders, unclench teeth, breathe, Practice,practice,practice

    rinse, repeat

  3. p.s. The yellow dots are reflections of some of the oxalis blooms in my driveway.

  4. PSHAW--that's nothin' for oxalis.. ;-)

    Wow, you DO have the stress relief thing down! i must be forgetting the "rinse repeat"....

  5. Splendid Post , life as Opportunity rather than pile of pants ....
    Beats sitting round over-eating and watching the snow which would be my usual sunday afternoon fare if I wasnt also indulging in a spot of teeth gnashing / must " look at it and let it go " self talk . Isnt life grand ?

  6. You reminded me, I forgot the "overeat" step. Maybe that's just underestood?

  7. I think so .
    Excuse me while I push off and ice my rosemary cake .....

  8. Amazing how fast I ran back to Bangor...

  9. Hey! I think after you get it fixed, you shd hire your new neighbor to decorate your car. I understand from my acquaintances in the art car world that art cars are never vandalized. (I can imagine creating a hypothetical art car which would be guaranteed to be vandalized, but then I have an active imagination).

    Sorry about the car; there is some kind of crazed serial car attacker in your neck of the woods.