Sunday, May 11, 2008

So it goes

A year ago, when we hired a gardening crew to tidy up the yard each month at our 2nd house, we requested that a small patch in the front be cleared of the cape weed which covered it, so that we could replant it with native grasses. This was the first step in a change of the landscaping to more natural and water saving plants. This request seemed to be ignored, so we did it ourselves. We planted 10 bunches of red fescue, Festuca rubra "Molate", which in the interim did well and looked lovely.....until this week when the landscaping crew dug them all out. Neighbors who had seen us plant them, confronted the crew, but were assured that we "wanted them out".

The Scene of the Crime!
The biggest problem is that now we're in a dry season, so to get new ones rooted they will have to be irrigated. Water conservation is a big issue in this area, and irrigation is somewhat frowned upon.

Did I mention getting elected to the local water board?

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  1. Oh my goodness!! What a painful series of unfortunate events! i've just planted a Carmel Creeper--well, actually the one i planted is a taller version. So pretty! It's natural to California and doesn't need water once it's settled in. i told the nursery lady that was good since i'm a lousy gardener.