Monday, June 02, 2008

Learning Curve + Lily's a survivalist!

I have spent most of today setting up, installing software and learning to use our new camera. Our Pentax33L died a sudden inexplicable death. The viewing screen died. So, off to Costco for a new (on sale) Panasonic Lumix TZ4. First, the battery had to charge for 2 hours. Then the memory card had to be formatted. While this was going on, I visually scanned the instructions to find out how to do the basics. Like our last camera, this does MUCH more than we will ever use.

As for Lily, since we got her 3 years ago, she has always preferred to drink water from an algae laden ceramic bowl on our porch or from a dripping bathroom faucet rather than her stainless steel pristine water bowl. When she drinks, she most often wets her paw and licks the water off it. The last several days she has had us on the edge of our seats as she stuck her paw in a green transparent glass vase full of thorny rose blossoms to wet her paw.
Then, she goes into the kitchen and eats the kibble that Michaela has spilled onto the floor before eating her own food. She's preparing for tough times.
Is this a mugshot or what?

Michaela's eating habits have been odd also. Because of her kidney disease she was put on a diet of special kidney friendly kibble. She ate it with gusto for awhile, then suddenly wouldn't touch it. A friend suggested Beech nut chicken baby food. She ate THAT with gusto for awhile, then suddenly wouldn't eat it. She ate a little bit of Lily's dry food for awhile. Then she suddenly liked her special dry food again. Now it's smorgasboard (with a little roasted chicken bits thrown in.) Also she gets to lick the empty tapioca container.

Lastly, but of greatest importance, is The Boss is sick with another cold. Last time she lost her voice for like 5 weeks. Send your positive thoughts and antibiotics her way please!


  1. Oh look at those splendid cat pictures .... more of those please ... sorry about the cold , best thoughts through the ether ..

  2. I don't know whether you've ever scrolled back to the beginning of this blog, but the very first posts were pictures and tales of Lily after she first appeared on our doorstep.

  3. Anonymous3:44 PM

    Lily looks so angelic...

  4. yes I have ben back to the start ....

  5. .. and is that a treadle sewing machine .. we got one like that too !!

  6. Yes, on the treadle machine. It was my mom's, and we had it as long as I can remember. It had been converted to run with a motor, then she had it changed back. It needs to be tightened up and adjusted, but don't we all.

  7. I bought one in an auction . It was truly ancient , covered in dust . The best thing was the little drawers that were full of someone's little treasures , buttons , needles , little notes and things . We kept them all . I love it .