Saturday, December 20, 2008

If You're in Napa, a good place to eat

10 First St Ste 5
Napa, CA 94559
Phone: (707) 251-3757

Pica Pica Maize Kitchen
610 First St. #5 (Oxbow Public Market)
Napa, CA 94559
707 251-3757

1. Pick Your Main
Grilled Corn Flour Flatbread (Wheat & Gluten Free)

Pepeada chicken salad with "guasacaca" (creamy avocado) 6.25
Pelu’a shredded skirt steak with cheddar cheese 7.25
Domino black beans with shredded white monterrey cheese 5.75
Pabellón shredded skirt steak, fried plantains & black bean paste 7.75
Pabellón vegetariano tofu with cilantro adobo, fried plantains, black bean paste & sliced avocado 5.50
Llanera sautéed sirloin strips with cilantro adobo, green peppers & onions. "guasacaca" served on the side 8.95
Benedictine poached egg, smoked ham, avocado & spiced sour cream 6.75
Perico scrambled eggs seasoned with pica pica sofrito. choice of bacon bits, chorizo or cheese 5.50
100% Sweet Corn Pancake (Wheat & Gluten Free)

Cheese choice of cheese 7.00
Cheese & Ham choice of cheese & smoked ham 8.00
Meat chicken salad, shredded skirt beef or sautéed sirloin strips 8.95
Grilled Cheese On Sweet Cornbread

Cheese choice of cheese 5.00
Cheese & Ham choice of cheese & smoked ham 6.00
Add To Main A Small Salad Or Cup Of Soup $2.99

2. Add

Bululu corn, red bell pepper, jicama & pineapple
Salad Of The Day served on mixed greens with choice of vinaigrette 3.75

Chupe chicken, corn, potatoes & cheese in a cream based broth
Soup Of The Day cup 3.75 large 5.75

3. Plus A Side
Pasapalos $3.25
Choice of Venezuelan sides served with one dipping salsa (wheat & gluten free)

Yucca Fries
Sweet Plantains
Salsas $0.50

Morena black bean mayonnaise
Mela’o de papelón & tamarindo
Pica’chup our own spiced ketchup
Pica’pun our signature hot sauce


Frozen Tropical Juice 3.50
Beer 3.50
Frozen Sangria 5.95
Cans 1.75
Bottles 3.00
Water 1.75
Arepas - Ah - Ray - Paz grilled corn flour flatbread, crunchy on the outside and moist on the inside
Bululu a noisy gathering
Cachapas - Ka - Chóp - Az 100% sweet corn pancake, wheat and gluten free
Chupe - Chew - Pa andean hearty chicken, corn and vegetable soup
Domino a tribute to the game of dominoes. the combination of black beans and white cheese alludes to the colors of the domino pieces
Guasacaca - Wá - Sa - Ka - Ká creamy avocado sauce with peppers and onions. mildly spicy
Llanera - Gia - Néra venezuelan cowboys, living in the llanos (vast plains east of the andes), are called llaneros
Pabellón - Paa - Be - Jóhn a traditional venezuelan platter: carne mechada (shredded skirt steak), fried plantain, black beans and white rice
Pelu’a - Pe - Luu - Aa means shaggy
Pepeada named after susana dujim, miss world, 1955. some say the name is derived from the definition of pepeada (beautiful and voluptuous)
Perico signature venezuelan scrambled eggs. the colors are reminiscent of the feathers of a parrot
Pica Pica - Peeka - Peeka picar’ means to eat different small things
Sofrito - So - Free - Tó seasoning base in latin american cuisine made out of tomatoes, peppers, onions and herbs
Tostones - Tos - Tó - Ness crispy fried green plantain
Yucca part of the agave family, it is a root that is widely eaten in the amazon by indigenous peoples. wheat and gluten free

Also in the Oxbow Market is a great spice booth.

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