Monday, January 05, 2009

New Years Mystery

Just moments ago I was folding clothes from the dryer when the doorbell rang. Two quick rings like UPS does it. I quickly trotted to the front,and as I approached the front door, I could see padded quilted material like a....MATTRESS!?

Someone had left a dirty, rain (presumably) soaked twin sized mattress leaned up against our front door.

I moved it quickly and looked around outside. All I saw was a red Mustang driving down the street, nothing to indicate they were involved.

What do it mean? Why the doorbell?


  1. Ooooh ! A big fat proper mystery ..... now , can you solve it ?

  2. I deduce that because the doorbell was rung, it was somewhat personal, a prank, most likely by someone known to me. It seemed like a high school prank but it was 2 pm. Then I found out that the high school was out due to a minimum day. There are two high school girls across the street, but I don't think they would move an icky heavy mattress, but a boyfriend might be recruited... So I asked the dad if he had recently disposed of a mattress, he said no, and it apparently did NOT come from the house two doors down that has been foreclosed on and has piles of detritus laying around. The mystery continues.

  3. That is very odd, however amusing... =]

    And in regard to your comment on Tangobaby's blog---what was I thinking!? Ha! I actually laughed when I read your comment! Thanks for making light of my situation. It's always nice to have a smile over my own silliness!