Sunday, June 07, 2009

Busy Saturday and a small world story

10 to 3 on Saturday (with an hour for lunch) I spent (with help) pulling the last of the floorboards in the caboose. Some of the boards of the subfloor were replaced due to dry rot or the apparently requisite burned wood beneath where the wood stove had been. Cabinets and seats were being fabricated as we labored, and the skeletal beginnings brought in after I left to go to my nephews wedding.

The wedding was lovely, it was a beautiful day by the bay. A good time was had by all. But during the dancing later in the reception, Moon rabbit had an "AHA" moment.

In 2000, she had taken a month long painting class in a small village (Sorese) in France. The 10 or so students stayed in a very old building (christened Art Heaven) where each room was painted in the style of a famous painter. (two to a room) Watching my nephews' new In Laws dance, she suddenly realized that the MIL had been one of the other students! So they had a mini reunion. They had kept in contact for a few years after, but it was well after that that the "kids" met and fell in love.

Anyway, I give you the adorable couple

As a footnote, this is very close to where Otis Redding wrote "Sittin' On a Dock By The Bay"

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  1. Wow ! what an amazing coincidence ! How likely is that in the whole world that they would come together again ? I love things like that . What a great story .