Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Aliens have abducted my wife!

1. Today, at lunch, she removed her sunglasses and asked me to look at her eyes. It was then that I noticed they were no longer brown, but they were hazel instead. This was confirmed by two waitresses. I might put this off to bad memory on my part, but we have a framed poem hanging in our bedroom, that I wrote to her when we were dating which is all about her brown eyes.

2. She requested that I cut off ALL water to our tomato plants, "to force greater productivity". The woman I married would have been concerned about their comfort and feelings ahead of productivity.

Who is this woman and what has she done with my wife???


  1. Were her eyes really brown and now they're green? That's freaky.

    Maybe she wants to make you something special with those tomatoes. If she say she wants to take them to some festival where they throw the tomatoes at one another, you'd better worry.

    Does drought force tomato productivity? It sounds counterintuitive. Since I knit for my hobby, I haven't a clue how to grow a tomato.

  2. It IS Freaky!

    I have actually heard that you should not OVER water tomato plants once they're established, but cutting them off seems a bit extreme. (We'll monitor them of course, and give sips if necessary)

  3. very funny about the tomatoes.