Friday, October 02, 2009

Welding on the ole RR

Today was a rare Friday work day to get a head start on some vital stuff. The caboose has three large timbers that run the length of the caboose. Each has a severe crack. As a consequence the caboose has exhibited yoga like tendencies in that you could pick up one end 1.5 feet and the center would not move. SO, several steel beams have been inserted. Today there was a lot of welding to get them doing their job in preparation for the big move when the caboose is moved onto it's trucks.

So besides a brief round of paint stripping, I spent the day as a gofer/fire watch. More welding & fire watching tomorrow. Plus I have a meeting in the morning and a retirement dinner in the evening!


  1. Busy, busy. Thanks for saving some history since they no longer use cabooses.

  2. I need to get my glasses on. I came here expecting a story about a wedding on the old RR. Instead, I got one on welding! Are you watching out for fires from the welding?

  3. Yes, I had a (garden) hose nearby and a squirt bottle with detergent laced water that I presprayed the wood areas nearby with. It's 100+ year old wood that just came through a very hot summer and it's not something that can be replaced, so caution's the word. When it was all done I sprayed everything again with the hose before we left.