Thursday, November 05, 2009

Kitties at the Coast

We're spending a few days out at the coast. Lily wants to be involved with the jig saw puzzle. She was quite insistent.
Lenora spent the first 12 hours in bed under the covers. This is her usual 24 hour protest at being uprooted. (Sitting in one spot) This was the only light she saw for 12 hours. We actually couldn't find her for awhile. She laid very flat and hasn't really been undercover before.
Lily, having tired of puzzle solving, joins Lenora (the bump to the left)
Tues. was warm in the 70's, yesterday was cool and cloudy, this morning started off with rain, occasionally heavy.


  1. These cats are so beautiful. All ours are tiger except Orange.

  2. Sometimes things are better with your head under the covers!