Friday, November 13, 2009

Synchronistic nexus

Last Friday, as I was dropping my car off for service, my cell phone indicated a voice mail awaited. It seems that my renter had called, the spring on the garage door had broken and he was headed out of town for a week.
Visions of a massive time sink hole floated through my head. 90 minutes later my car was ready, but I needed to stop by the caboose to check the tarps because it was raining. It turns out the tarp over the cupola hole had come undone and the new T&G cabinets were soaked. So I retarped the caboose. Someone else showed up and we tied them down.
I went home, had lunch, grabbed a phone book so I could look up a number for garage door repair after I drove up and confirmed the diagnosis.
I arrived at the rental and as I was fiddling with the bypass key, a worktruck drove down the street which proudly proclaimed "Overhead Door Co"! I was too shocked to make my legs run after it, and by the time they unlocked, the truck turned into the parking lot and parked two spaces away. The driver notices I'm staring at him (with my jaw hanging open) and smiles. My renter said nothing about calling and I didn't ask him to since he was leaving. I ask the driver "Did someone call you?" "No, I'm visiting someone" (2 doors down in turns out)
"Have I got a job for YOU!"
Anyway, he put a temporary fix on the door, and came back today with a new spring for the permanent fix. I didn't write about it before because I didn't want to jinx it.
It was like I was in a Murphy's Law free vortex. My jaw was hanging in amazement the whole time he was there. What are the odds?


  1. Wow, what a wonderful gift. Sometimes, things just work out.

  2. Kizmet! I love this story.