Sunday, May 30, 2010

Romance and citations on the beach

On my walk this morning, I found two interesting things by the beach. One was this marriage proposal, "Will You Marry Me Smoopy?" and to my right was a group of about 18 people being cited for illegally harvesting mussels from the rocks. It's a full moon/low tide/3day weekend and all. I didn't think it would be polite to photograph them, so I took pictures of the low tide.

Other people are simply above it all.

Our new ( hopefully it will keep out the deer) gate

And this is just a shot I took a while ago


Later, Moonrabbit and I went for a stroll and garbage pickup along the beach. We scored a decent towel (to be a nice rag for the garage) a nice suede billed baseball cap, and an unopened pint of Bacardi rum!


  1. It pays to clean up the beach. I hope you have the rest of the ingredients to make a few mojitos.

    Enjoy the fruits of your labor.

  2. Rules, what rules? Where the mussel-pickers foreign so they had an excuse not to read the signs?
    Great pictures.

  3. Or un-foreign like me, so I can't spell "were":)

  4. Love the lighting in the first three photos--can almost smell that morning breeze from back here in the Midwest. And, congrats on your beachy treasures. You know, Sir Silliyak, good things come to those who wade. (Insert groan here)

  5. DSO, this groan's for you! :)

  6. Found a brand-new belt at the beach just last week in between picking up plastic bottles, balloons, and other assorted debris. And lots of beautiful shells and sea glass.

    So much fun, treasure-hunting and cleaning the beach all at once. :)