Saturday, June 19, 2010

Allergic to "fencing"?

So the theme of this week seems to be fencing.
Replacing a rotted, and slotted post, I was NOT besotted with the prospect.

And painting. I built this fence with removable sections so that I can pull them out and power wash then paint them on saw horses, rather than bending over, getting stuck with rose thorns etc
But I still don't enjoy doing it. So in the midst of my mental grumbling the question occured to me, "If one were allergic to 'fencing', would you treat it with an epee pen?"


  1. Oh, those puns will be the death of you yet. Yes. I would use an epee pen.

  2. Well I never! I suppose I could just tell you to stick it!

  3. Oh, hon, please tell me fencing isn't going to be another hobby of yours...