Wednesday, August 04, 2010

righteous indignation/crisis addiction recovery

Today I overheard a conversation where one person was telling another that they were very tired and that everyone she knew was tired.

I got to thinking about why this might be. I have no reason to believe that the following applies to these people.

I think many people are addicted to righteous indignation and reaction to whatever crisis' are in the news at the moment, real or fomented by groups that might benefit in the short term. I'm guessing it's what some need when their tolerance for caffeine has risen so that they no longer get the buzz they crave.

For some, like Andy Kaufmann, they'd rather believe that man never went to the moon, Obama's not a real citizen, he's a Muslim etc because it's more exciting than the boring truth.

The same government that is incapable of doing anything, IS capable of elaborate conspiracies.

Have you ever wondered what a stampeding animal is thinking, or IF they're thinking? I wonder about the people who are so enraged about immigration. I think they're being stampeded. Yes, there is illegal immigration. There always has been. Is it worse now? Really?What is the evidence besides short video clips that make it seem that human waste and body parts now mark the border with Mexico. Yes, there are some very bad people. Are we all so threatened that we have to give up constitutional rights?

I haven't seen a video of people lining up for the jobs that are being taken by illegal immigrants.

Health care, remember death panels? What about all the lies we have been told, why do we still believe them? Why do we pass on the emails that promote them?

Anyway, it seems like we're in a (no doubt temporary) lull in things to get excited about. The oil leak is not so spectacular, looks like we're getting out of Iraq soon. I think the crazies have run out of imagination for new unbelievable outrages.

Hate takes a lot of energy. So does righteous indignation.

Give it a rest.

Let's all just take a deep breath, and then another.

Don't believe everything you think.


(Now I'm tired)


  1. Well written with valid, I think I had a micro-chip implanted when I received my B12 shot.

  2. Amen, brother. Ye speak the truth and the truth is that fear sells. It sells big time.

    Now you rest. The news rating season is just getting heated up. There are sure to be bizarre stories to heat things up again.

  3. reaching for my aluminum foil head covering....

  4. Amen, and amen again. I'm in the midst of a WWII reading marathon, and I try not to compare our political times to then, but it does cross my mind what a short ride it would be for many in our country to turn against their neighbors in more substantial ways than crazy misspelled political signs. Willful ignorance can be quite dangerous.