Friday, September 10, 2010

A Found cell phone, a new friend....NOT!

So Thursday morning we were walking the beach, picking up trash, when my beautiful bride found a cell phone and charger on the sand. It looked as though it would have been in the water at the last high tide, but it worked briefly when turned on. It turned itself off due to a low battery.

I charged it up and turned it on to check for a number I could call to return it, but it was locked and needed an access code.

So today I took it to the service provider thinking they could ID the owner and give me contact info. All I got was a name and town. So I looked in the phone book, no luck. Then I looked up the name through Google. The first hit was a link to a service that shows recent arrests...and previous arrests...many previous arrests.

It had occurred to me to leave the phone on and see if someone called and I could get word to the owner that way. I got a robo call for a service to repair credit.

Now I'm thinking I don't think I actually want to meet this person, no matter how grateful they might be.

So off to the cop shop to turn it in with the info gathered so far. Let THEM deal with it. It's only fair, they probably are on a first name basis.


  1. I think that is a wise move.

  2. Quite a story from a find on the beach. It could easily be the opening of a book or movie. imagine your escapades as you get involved in a deep and torrid plot.

  3. I imagined it more as a movie of the week or an endless episode of "48 Hours" ID theft at a minimum, mysterious disappearance at worst.

  4. Wipe your prints off first.

    Maybe I've been watching too much NCIS and Law and Order.

  5. Oh ! This reminds me of the passport my sister and myself found on the beach any many months ago and we joked about on my blog .. do you recall .... the police werent very interested but I managed to trace the owner via google and the boys mother was very glad to know where it had shown up . It had been stolen from the Sage music velue in Newcastle Gateshead . A different ending . x