Wednesday, January 12, 2011

New follower and another old story

Came across the other day, and his posts keep reminding me of old stories, so here's one.

A few months after my "department of origin" was merged into a larger county department, I was put "on the route" which means I had no permanent station, and drifted from station to station to fill in as needed. This was mostly not a happy time. Almost always I was at the station for a full 24 hour shift, but occasionally I had to commute.

One particular day, I got sent midday from a busy 2 company station to a slow 1 company station for 12 hours, returning to the first about 11pm as an extra person. The only bed open for me was the only bed that was in it's own room with a door no less! Atypically for this station I had a nice uninterrupted sleep. The next morning I went out the apparatus floor and noticed the truck I was assigned to was dripping. It had rained after I returned the night before. This is not good, and when I went into the dayroom I was greeting with lots of smiles and "Hey Sunshine! Sleep well?"

For the first and only time in my career I had slept through a call.

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  1. Well, apparently they managed ok without you that one time, so, no harm no foul, right? Must have been a strange feeling, though.... those fire alarms are LOUD!