Friday, April 15, 2011

Lost again in a genealogical fog

Late last night, a bunch of "hints" came up in I had some free time before my yoga class this morning, so I thought I'd start winnowing them out, I find them slightly annoying, something that has to be dealt with. About half were on a line I'm not following anymore, but half were on my dad's line. As I perused the information, I found Samuel Maris Wilkinson. Born 1897, died in France 1918. So I checked military records, and found that he had enlisted in the Marines in Dec 1917, was wounded in June 1918, and died of his wounds. So few facts, but one can imagine so much. I may research June 1918 battles, but next thing I know I've missed Yoga.

I feel like my heart got exercised a bit, and a bit of poor Samuel has resurfaced.

Update, this happened in June of 1918.

The Battle of Belleau Wood


  1. I imagine it was worth missing yoga to discover you're a descendant of a Teufelshunde.

  2. This url is for you:

  3. For those of you playing at home, the link is to Pink Floyd's Dogs of War, and Teufelshunde is what the Germans called the Marines thereafter "Devil Dogs"

  4. I hate to sound like an ad for I just had it calculate that Samuel is a 2nd cousin 3 time removed.