Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Concert Review

I hate to say negative (searchable) things, so perhaps if I put the name P.e.t.e.r. G.a.b.r.i.e.l like this he won't get his feelings hurt.

It started off with 2 songs by one of the backup singers. Not awful, reminded me of Alannis Morrisette, with some unusual vocal inflections.

Then a bit of a monologue by PG about how he has been trying to work with other artists, covering each others songs. In the background meanwhile, sits an orchestra. What turns out to be good news, is that he hasn't gotten a lot of cooperation/production from this scheme. (Thus short on material?)

EVERY SINGLE SONG in the first half was slow and depressing. The only song I recall was Paul Simon's "Boy in the Bubble" Can you imagine that slow, with NO beat? If he had kicked into a beat the last verse it would have brought the crowd to it's feet! As it was, I felt staff should have frisked people for sharp objects before they were allowed in.

I guess I have to admire his commitment to his artistic vision, and his bravery....

The second half was mostly his stuff, with an orchestra. Again brave, but...

Oh, I should mention "In Your Eyes" (which he did as his first of 4 encores) F A V O R I T E   S O N G
E V E R !


  1. That's too bad, because I'm sure it wasn't exactly inexpensive to attend.

  2. Hmmm...sounds like a weird show. The backup-singer-singing-the-first-couple-songs thing is common for blues bands, though I saw Van Morrison do it once, too. Peter Gabriel doing the Boy in the Bubble sounds like a cool idea, but maybe not...

  3. I thought the show was pretty amazing. I didn't go into it thinking I'd like an orchestra, but I actually did. Surprised me.