Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Walk on the beach, revenge is a ball

My back is finally feeling well enough to walk on the beach and pick up garbage, so I did just that Monday afternoon as we fled once again from the heat inland.

I had been reading about the red tide, an abundance of plankton and algae that is harmful to  many creatures, and indeed, the shore was littered with muscle shells and a few abalone type mollusks. Starfish are also dying but I did not see any of those.

Having reached the end of the beach, I turned to make another pass at a different level looking for garbage. I came upon a couple with two unleashed dogs, a no no, but I don't really have a problem with that, except that as I was talking with the "gentleman" about the dead sea life, one of the dogs took a crap in the sand, and the "lady" was using a plastic ball thrower to toss it into the surf. He saw the look on my face and said "Oh we forgot our plastic bags"

I continued my walk in the opposite direction they were going, and I came across a tennis ball. I put it in my garbage bag and as I walked away I could hear him saying "Hey boy, where's your ball?"


  1. People can be such douche bags. How can you walk the dog without the tools needed to pick up after them? For what it's worth, I've trained my dog not to poop on a walk. He waits til he's home and uses the back yard, which to me is only right. That doesn't mean he doesn't pee on every vertical object in his path, but at least he doesn't leave a mess for his 3 mile jaunts around town.

    Send the ball to Leo. He's a good boy.

  2. My significant other has Plantar fasceitis (SP?) anyway she needs it.