Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving Telecommunications Hell level 1a

We're spending some time out at the coast over Thanksgiving. When we got here late Monday, the phone was not working.

Went to a neighbor's house to report the problem. There was never any option to talk to a real person, and they wanted a contact # to confirm we would be home between 8am and 8pm. HELLO! OUR PHONE IS OUT!!!! And there is no cell phone coverage in this area.

Tuesday no repairman. So Tues night I went online and went around and around trying to report it but was unable to get a confirmed report. This morning I was able to get another 12 hour window, so we wait.

Meanwhile I got to thinking, why not go with Comcast who provides out TV and Internet out here? We can get a discount on top of it! So after much gnashing of teeth and fingers I get to an online chat person to confirm everything, "What's the name on your account?" Myname. Uh oh suddenly I recall the hell that is Comcast. When my mom died in 2006 I transferred the account to myname. Since then, every time I want to do something they say I don't have the authorization because I'm not MyMom. I eventually get it straightened out and they assure me that her name has been totally and permanently removed from the account, WE PROMISE! Lying sacks of turkey dung!

Where's that cop with the pepper spray when I need him?


  1. I pounded the "0" about 300 times in a row with Verizon this last summer and reached an "operator". It's been one of the most satisfying moments of the year so far.

    12-hour window. How pathetic is that?

    Dial tone,


  2. Solidarity is all I can add.

  3. Oy. I know the feeling and have total empathy. When we first tried Comcast high speed internet, they came to install it and crashed our computer. Completely wiped out our hard drive and then left like nothing happened. What a mess they left us in, and of course, when they were gone, we still had to use dial up! Since then (I can hold a grudge), though they have a better channeling for TV than their competitor that I currently use, I refuse to go back to them.

    Good luck getting phone service...and, hey! Enjoy the coast.