Monday, August 14, 2006

Feline fisticuffs and pranks part deux

Michaela has shown us some moves that are reminiscent of Ali. Her 3 or 4 lightning fast 1-2 combinations would have us dazzled if she didn't follow up with a Tyson like head chew. I don't know where she picks these things up.

Picking up our prank story...

Capt Randy, having dedeuced a probable suspect (PS), hatches a plan. PS gets wind of the plan. The next time PS is in the toilet stall, Capt Randy will dump a large pot of water over the top of the stall onto PS. PS steals Capt Randy's firefighting boots, puts them in front of the toilet, locks the door and crawls out. PS has a co conspirator inform Capt Randy than PS is in the stall. After the water has been dumped, and Capt R yells "Gotcha you B...........d!", PS comes up behind him and says "Watcha doin' Randy? Say...aren't those YOUR boots?"

1 comment:

  1. I guess free time at a firehouse spawns this sort of 'creativity.' Fun stuff!