Sunday, August 13, 2006


We've left the time of cute kitten delirium and have entered the "Watch the lamp!" survival phase. One of the results of this is that my mind is somewhat clearer for non kitten posts.

By way of background, I am retired from a Fire dept. Some of my favorite memories revolve around pranks. Most of the best of those revolved around a Capt we'll call Randy. I only did a very few minor annoyances on Randy myself. We had several people, who if a living could be made perpetrating pranks, would have been millionaires. So many elaborate pranks were pulled on Randy that I would feel guilty just by association except that his reactions encouraged us and with his rank he could have brought it all to an end at any time.

Keeping in mind that there are only two jobs where you make money lying on your back, one of my favorites was a time when Randy had to take the morning off. I'm not sure whose idea it was for this prank. Randy's bunk was next to a wall with a door to a locker room. An IV line was run from underneath his mattress pad, to the wall, under the door (which had to be taken off to shave the corner to fit the tubing) and into the first locker. At 2 am the next morning, an IV bag (Saline?) was warmed in the microwave to about body temp and hooked up to the IV line. The bag was squeezed until it was empty. Then the line was slowly pulled out.

Randy (who had a new baby at home) awoke the next morning thinking that he (Randy) had wet the bed. He was unusually quiet that morning as he took the sheets off his bunk. He might have suffered longer had someone not audibly snickered.

He thought he knew who did it and vowed revenge,... but that is another story.

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