Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Views from the edge

This was taken early this morning, peak gust was 50 mph at about 3:45a.m.

This was taken about 8 a.m. wind at 30mph. It was hard to stand.

This was the only damage I found. It was next to the house behind my mom's. Just missed a Propane tank. Couldn't tell if the other house was damaged.


  1. I dont know where you are, but it was really windy here to. Kept me awake

  2. Batten down the hatches Silly!

  3. It also looks like that wind also blew in Barry Zito for your Giants. The damage from the wind looks to be up to $126 million.

    Couldn't the Giants have spent 124 on Zito and use the other 2 million on knocking off Benitez. I think Boros and Zito would be happy with knowing that some of Barry Z's potental wins would not be floating in McCovey Cove. Just a thought.