Friday, February 16, 2007

Is it paranoia,cynicism, an overactive imagination...

Or is it a CONSPIRACY?

I got a notice from SBC that "our" contract is about to expire and I can UPGRADE to double my download speed for just a few bucks more. At the same time, it seems like things are running SO SLOW recently. I've done disk cleanup, Ad Cleanup, checked the defrag.


  1. Dad Gone Mad4:39 PM

    Writing about your utilities? Talk about low-hanging fruit... :)

  2. Dad Gone Mad4:40 PM

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  3. Hey at least I finally got a comment from SOMEONE about SOMETHING, not that YOU have that problem. I guess I should be grateful for the usual 3 people that go through here to use my links.

  4. Hey, I might not always find anything to say, but I like reading your stories.

    Speaking of utilities, DirecTV just sent a notice. Every package is going up $3/month, except for HBO, which is going up $4/month. I haven't noticed, have they stopped showing those ads comparing them to cable companies, whose rates continue to go up for no understandable reason? Buttheads.

  5. SBC is Latin for Time Warner Cable. So yes you have every right to be paranoid.